How to do Blogging at Home

Oh, have you been thinking of starting a blog? Then in this post, I will be sharing with us what you need to start blogging from home. I love blogging not because it makes me money but it is the easiest way to make money on the internet from home at your own time and no boss to push you around.

Blogging have really make me a lot of money and there are some people that are still benefiting from starting a blog today, maybe you reading doesn’t even know the advantage of blogging.

There are a of advantages of blogging, apart from the fact that you will make money from blogging, it is going to help you and change your mentality about many things, yes, about many things.

I know of a friend who love to share motivational quotes and she came to meet and say oh, please I want to learn how to create a blog and start doing what I love. Yeah, she wanted to share tips but she wasn’t aware of the real course to make money at first and then we launched her blog. Just doing what she loves, posting motivational quotes, she makes quite some money on the return.

Yeah, you can definitely make money from blogging at home, that’s the fact. I know some bloggers that it is through blogging that they were able to make millions of dollars, that mean if not for blogging, many of them will still be doing their 9-5 job which is quite stressful and with low pay but to be sincere, you can actually be banking money every month with blogging. But the question is, even after starting a blog and I want to be doing my work from home, what could I do?

That’s what will be talking about;
Get a WIFI
Yeah that’s the first thing you will need to have to start blogging from your home so as not to have poor connection while doing your job. You just need to have a wifi connected and it will easier to work than using you hotspot to connect. It is not helpful. I use wifi everyday from the comfort of my room and to be sincere, it makes my work easier and very comfortable, there are a lot of wifi providers, just go for the best one in your hood and be happy with it

A Table and a Chair
Do you know that the first thing a blogger needs apart from his laptops and gadgets is a table and chair and from what Melyssa griffin said, it is good to have two tables for your office in your room. Ofcourse when I tried it, it was more effective than this and this is what you can also do, it will increase your efficiency, it might be something psychological, either of it I can tell you it is very helpful.

Quiet Place
Well, I think you need to know this, you can find a corner in your house and setup your office there, it will help you for efficiency.

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