3 Best ways to Make Money Online

HI, in this post, I will be sharing with us 3 best ways to make money online. I have been writing on this topic for many years and I wont stop writing it so you can understand that you can actually make money on the internet.

Making money online is a mirage for many people, if I may ask, is it not for you as well? When I was researching on how to make money online back then in the early years ago, I came across a woman that was so passionate to making money on the internet.

She showed me the way after applying for the course and that’s how I was exposed to the online world. Yeah, the online community is always fun but who cares about what you think than to see result.

So I started and that’s how I was able to start making some cool money from the internet. My first money on the internet was $5 and it was jesus Christ, so I could make so much money here, than I ever. Then I have to start finding what I could do more to make money and then boom.

You see the best and the easiest way with no much capital to make money is Blogging. Blogging is the process of sharing useful infos on the internet through a platform called Blogging.

I have been on the internet for like five years now and what people say is that blogging is not that profitable , anyone who said that haven’t give it time and that’s why they are complaining now. Blogging is very lucrative and very good to start with. SO I will be sharing with you incase you want to start a blog, yeah you should definitely start.

There are three major ways you can use to start a blog, we have; Display ads which are ads that are displayed on a site and we have affiliate marketing, which is the process of promoting products to people using your affiliate link and if they purchase your product, you will be giving some percentage and that’s a very good start. Let me now explain;

Display Ads: They are ads that are displayed on a blog or website in form of banners or links. Before these ads can be displayed on your blog, you need to apply for the program and and approved. There are a lot of display ads that you can sign up for, from Adsense to media.net and from that to propellerads. These are the easiest ways a blogger can start, yeah that’s the frank truth.

Affiliate Marketing: It is the process of promoting products you love and sharing it to your friends to buy the product and in return, you are paid a commission. You can make thousands of dollars per month by just promoting products to users and it is something achievable

Creating your own Products: Yeah, that’s the best thing you can use to make money with blogging, after some years of blogging, you can be creating your own products and start selling as well.

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